Ormita Israel

The difference between Ormita Israel and cash.

In the cash market:

  1. A business normally creates demand through advertising, word-of-mouth and repeat custom.
  2. Businesses current customers are limited to the amount of people who see their advertising, hear about them and walk past their door.
  3. Virtually all businesses in the cash economy experience times of excess capacity (e.g. empty rooms, slow moving stock.)
  4. A businesses ability to buy and sell is restricted to the amount of cash available in the local economy.
  5. There is no assurance that those who you buy from will return to make purchases from you.
  6. If a buyer of your product or service goes bankrupt or does not honor a debt you will not get paid.

In the Ormita Israel market:

  1. A business is always in demand because there is only one (or a few) of them competing in the marketplace.
  2. Ormita Israel brings you new customers on a regular basis.
  3. Value is created through trading needed products and/or services and is supplemental to your existing cash income.
  4. Whatever it is that you need, be it space, advertising, distribution, equipment, office supplies, repairs and maintenance, professional services, training, entertainment, a holiday, a database or anything else; as long as someone else has it, chances are you can get access to it!
  5. Payment is received and recorded at the time of sale.
  6. Ormita Israel is a closed network of businesses trading with one another, thereby ensuring repeat business.

Ormita is about offsetting a minimum amount of your existing expenses on a regular basis. Our suppliers commit to providing you their goods and services as part of your regular buying arrangements.

We also offer you a credit line so you can make those additional purchases over and above your forecast overheads.

Benefits of Membership

  • Fill your empty hotel rooms
  • Selling your unsold advertising space
  • Increase retail & wholesale customers
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