Ormita Israel

Selling Your Unsold Advertising Space

Advertising is a highly perishable commodity. Every unsold advertising spot cuts directly into your bottom line.

Ormita Israel provides an opportunity for media company owners to realize the full value of their unsold advertising space, attract new customers and offset their existing cash costs.

With fixed costs and competition on the rise you can’t afford to miss a single chance to build revenue and cut costs.

Ormita Israel can bring you new customers to fill those empty slots without interfering with your existing supply and sale agreements and there is no need to discount or to spend additional cash on costly promotions

Trade your excess advertising space and third party trade receipts for the things you need and offset your existing operating expenses using the new revenue that we bring you.

Creating cost savings

Your business probably fixed purchases that it makes on a regular basis.

Business supplies, cleaning, repairs and maintenance, equipment leases, professional services, client entertainment, promotions, advertising, tea and coffee, printing and more.

Ormita Israel helps replace these expenses with income earned from new sales that we bring you.

Benefits of Membership

  • Fill your empty hotel rooms
  • Selling your unsold advertising space
  • Increase retail & wholesale customers
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